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Matt Rodgers


Matt is a certified mediator from the Erickson Mediation Institute and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Education with a Specialists Degree in Administration. Previously divorced, he has first hand experience in the process of court, mediation, and with a parenting time expeditor.

Memberships / Associations

  • Minnesota Judicial Branch Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation list of Qualified Neutrals

  • State Board of Social Work: Licensed Social Worker

  • MN Board of Education: Licensed School Social Worker



Schedule an appointment to talk to a mediator before going to an attorney. By working with the guidance of a mediator you and your spouse can reduce the economic and emotional costs associated with divorce. Matt uses an organized, guided approach to resolve family disputes creatively. For mediation to work, couples must work together and be somewhat flexible. Matt can help guide you through the process.

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