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Pre Divorce or Post Divorce Mediation

Mediation is designed to use a third party, impartial, trained professional to help divorcing couples or couples already divorced (with a child / children) come to an agreement.  This method of dispute resolution gives as much control as possible to the parties involved, unlike using the court system.

How it works: After both parties have spoken with Matt and are all in agreement to proceed, he will send an intake form.  When the completed form and initial payment is received, a two hour appointment will be scheduled. Everyone's needs are different - you may need one appointment or many. Appointments can be made in person or through Zoom.

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A parenting time expeditor is a neutral third party who helps when you and your child’s other parent cannot resolve a parenting time dispute on your own.


A parenting time expeditor interprets, clarifies, and enforces your parenting time order to resolve disputes, as well as works through circumstances your existing parenting time order doesn’t specifically address. Depending on the nature of your case, a parenting time expeditor may be appointed to resolve a single issue, or work with you on an ongoing basis to resolve various issues that may arise. A parenting time expeditor may be appointed during or after your divorce, depending on your needs.

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